Pixels Show the Glory of Nerds (may contain mild spoilers)

PIxels Cover Photo

Whoever said video games were a waste of time, have officially been proven wrong. They are the key to saving the planet!!

Pixels is a fun, nostalgic film for just about anyone. People who played games like Donkey Kong, Galaga, Pac-Man, and other arcade games back in the 1980’s, will get to take a trip back to the past.

Pixels CastThe movie star Adam Sandler as one  of the main characters, Brenner, who is a tech installation guy. He is talking with his childhood friend Cooper, played by Kevin James, about his life choices. Brenner got a degree at MIT, hoping to create games of his own. But because of his loss in a video game competition against Eddie, played by Peter Dinkler, Cooper gave up on his dream and settled with installing flat screens and game stations for families.

Cooper, on the other hand, is president of the USA. However, the public is not happy with some of the decisions he has made while running the country. The news ridicules him when a story goes up of him reading to a girl’s scout and mispronouncing a word. A girl corrects him and he raises his voice at her, causing the little girls to call him mean.

Meanwhile, Brenner is at a home, installing a flat-screen and a other high-tech systems, when he gets a call from President Cooper, telling him to rush to the White House. When Brenner gets there, Cooper shows him a video feed of an Air Force base being attached by what looked like ships and missiles from Galaga.

They are informed by their friend Ludlow, played by Josh Gad, that an alien race had found a pod Earth sent to space, featuring old arcade games, and received it as a sign of war between the two races. The aliens send messages to the government, explaining that each challenge decides the fate of mankind. If Earth lost a challenge, they would lose a life, meaning the aliens would abduct a random human as a trophy. If the aliens lost a challenge, they would give Earth one of their warriors; playing on the concept of arcade games giving each player three lives per game. Three losses for Earth, meant the destruction of the planet.

Of course some of the best parts of the movie are the battles Sandler and the others have to go through. President Cooper commands that the military let the nerds train them in dealing with the aliens, because of their skills in classic video games.

Sandler’s performance in the movie wasn’t bad. He helped produce the movie, according to the opening credits, and while there were some scenes where his lines were cheesy and his humor was dry, it didn’t kill the movie. There were times when he was funny and entertaining. Sandler’s action scenes were amazing, as well as times in the movie that were serious.

CentipedeIn the trailers, it shows Sandler and Gad trying to get the military to follow the pattern of Centipede as it attacks. They don’t know the pattern of the game, so Sandler grabs a blaster from a soldier, and uses it to shoot the Centipede in the head, killing it. Seeing that scene in full is just as epic as the trailer depicts it. The same can be said for their battle with Pac-Man. All of the effects of the video game characters interacting with the actors, and the video games breaking down objects and pixelating them were phenomenal. Pac-Man

Nerds kicking ass and aliens using video games to go to war with the planet Earth, Pixels is a fun movie for parents and kids to go see. For people who played these classic games as kids and teens of the 80’s and 90’s, they’ll get a sense of nostalgia. It is definitely a movie to go see this summer!


Why Does Amy Confuse Others for her Beloved Sonic? The Truth Behind Amy’s Mis-identification.


Amy has claimed to love Sonic and has given everything she has to him as proof. Yet she always mistakes others for him. She has done it twice as you can see from these photos.

Many Sonic fans say this is Amy’s worst trait; mistaking Shadow or Silver for Sonic, even though none of them look like each other. The only similarity is that they’re all hedgehogs.

ImageWell it turns out Amy has an alibi for mistaking others for Sonic. Doing further research on this, it turns out that hedgehogs are actually partially colorblind! Yep, you heard me right; hedgehogs in real life are colorblind! Experts say that because hedgehogs are nocturnal, there would be no benefit in them seeing colors. They can however see yellows and some shades of blue.

There are also reports saying that hedgehogs like bright colors. They are colorblind, at the same time they are not. It’s hard to say. But this explains why Amy confuses Shadow for Sonic and shows that the creators do their homework on hedgehogs. They added a touch of reality into fast-running hedgehogs.

Give Amy some credit for her mistakes. It is basic genetics of her race. The next time you watch or play Sonic, and you see Amy cling on to everyone but Sonic, it is not her fault. She can’t see a lot of colors. Give the girl some slack!

If you want to look more into this, there is a book called Hedgehogs, by Nigel Reeve.