My Hero Academia: Tomorrow’s Heroes Today!!

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Everyone loves super heroes. They fight crime, protect us and ask for nothing in return. But, what if everyone had the potential to become a hero based on an ability they developed in childhood? 

That’s what My Hero Academia is all about!

In this anime, people can develop powers, or “quirks”, if they are born with only All Mightone joint in their pinkie toe. Most people with quirks go to school called U.A. High, to become professional heroes. The most famous hero in the series is known as All Might (Christopher Sabat). His quirk is called “One for All”, which gives himAll Might True Form.jpg super human strength and agility, and also makes him bulk up with enormous muscles. However, All Might’s power has a time limit to how long he can use it per day. When not doing super hero work, All might reverts to a scrawny man with sunken eyes.

MidoriyaIzuku Midoriya (Justin Briner), has a big dream to become a great hero like All Might, who is his idol and role model. As a child, Midoriya waits to see what kind of quirk he’ll develop. Sadly, he is told that because he has two joints in his pinkie toe, it’s concluded that he would never develop a quirk of his own. Despite this blow to his dream, Midoriya’s passion to attend U.A. doesn’t falter. 

Everything changes for Midoriya when he meets All Might, and learns the secret of his quirk. All Might even tells Midoriya that a quirkless human can’t make it into U.A., and that he should accept they way things are. Hearing this from his idol, Midoriya is lost. That is…until he sees his childhood friend Katsuki Bakugo (Clifford Chapin) being attacked by a sludge monster. Even though he has the power to explode anything he touches, Katsuki is engulfed by the monster, and even the professional heroes are having trouble stopping him from killing the boy. Seeing this scene, without thinking, Midoriya rushes through the crowd and tries desperately to save his friend.

All Might, watching this ordinary boy rush into danger with no hesitation, realizes Apprentice.pngthat Midoriya could be the one to possibly take his place as the next greatest hero the world has ever known. He confronts Midoriya, saying that he does have the potential to become a hero based on his actions.

This series has grown so much in popularity, that the second season, which was released April 1, is being dubbed the same time the subbed version is uploaded. It shows how much of a following the anime has. Not a lot of anime series gets this kind of attention.

The reason I will not go into more details about this anime, is because the comedy and twist within the series are just too good to spoil and just need to be witnessed.

As a bit of a bonus, the studio who helped develop My Hero Academia, Studio Bones, is famous for releasing other anime series such as Full Metal Alchemist (original and Brotherhood), Ouran High School Host Club, Soul Eater, Space Dandy, and so much more!

Check out My Hero Academia for yourself, and watch future heroes prove themselves. New episodes of Season 2 is uploaded every Saturday night.

If you were born with a quirk, what would it be?


Magical Girls Replaced by Magical Boys!!

Title Screen

The genre of Magical Girls has been a very popular on in anime. From the classic Sailor Moon, to Tokyo Mew Mew, anime fans have alike have always been fascinated by Magical Girl anime shows. Now, this concept has taken a unique turn- Magical Girls are now Magical Boys!

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love. Just take a second to read that title and see if it makes you laugh. The Japanese name is Binan Koko Chikyu Boei-bu Love! It is a long title for an anime, which makes me think it mocks itself. I was curious as to why they had to have the word “cute” in there. Maybe it was to draw attention to the title, and make people so curious, that they’d check out a few episodes. Well, it sure got my attention.

Battle Lovers

This is a new anime, released in Japan on Jan. 6, 2015 and ran on the air until Mar. 24, 2015 with 12 episodes, features five young men, Yumoto Hakone (Kazutomi Yamamoto), En Yufuin (Yuichiro Umehara), Atsushi Kinugawa (Kotaro Nishiyama), Io Naruko (Yusuke Shirai), and Ryuu Zaou (Toshiki Masuda). They all attend Binan High School, where they are part of a school club called The Earth Defense Club.

BathhouseThe anime starts off with Atsushi and En enjoying a bath at Yumoto’s family bathhouse. Out of the blue, a pink creature in the form of an Earth Wombat (Mugihito) appears before the guys, and begs them to help him save the planet. Atsushi and En don’t know what’s going on, grasping the concept of a Wombat speaking perfect Japanese, and talking about saving the Earth through the power of Love.

WombatAt the school the following day, Wombat appears in front of all of the club members, this time being held by a teacher who he controlled in order to move around freely. With his powers, he gives the guys magical bracelets that clasp to their wrists. When they shout the phrase, “Love-Making”, the five guys turn into the Battle Lovers. Yumot, who is obviously the leader of the Magical Boys, transforms into The Sparkling Prince, Scarlet. En transforms into The Flashing Prince, Cerulean. Atsushi is The Piercing Prince, Epinard. Io is transformed into The Roaring Prince, Sulphur. Ryuu transforms into The Thrilling Prince, Vesta. Click this link to see the Battle Lovers Transformation!

Now, let’s talk about the transformation sequence for the Battle Lovers. In my Defense Clubopinion, I think this show was greatly inspired by Sailor Moon. The outfits are flashy, the boys are nakes and surrounded by glittering hearts, and the poses are on par with Sailor Moon and other Magical Girl series. The first episode is hilarious, because before they all transform, they are forced by the bracelets to pose and declare how strong the power of Love is. I found myself laughing at the fact that they were doing it against their will.

Love StickWhen they defeat a monster, Yumoto, AKA Scarlet, uses an attack with a weapon called the Love Stick, and calls out “Love Shower”. When that happens, the monster is turned back into a human, and their understanding of love is returned, and increases tenfold. After the battle ends, Scarlet declares, “Love is Over”, which of course doesn’t make sense. Even his friends say that the line makes no sense, but eventually rolls with it.

Conquest ClubOf course, this being a Magical Boys anime, there have to be main antagonists that call forth the monsters. The villains of  Cut High Earth Defense Club Love are The Conquest Club. In Binan High, they are the members of the Student Council, Kinshiro Kusatsu (Hiroshi Kamiya), the council president (center), Ibushi Arima (Jun Fukuyama), the vice-president (right), and Akoya Gero (Takuma Terashima) (left). They are led by a green creature in the form of a hedgehog (insert Sonic the Hedgehog reference here LOL), named Lord Zundar (Hiroki Yatsumoto). Their goal is to Zundartake over the Earth and cleanse it of everything uncivilized and ugly. Kinshiro transforms into Chevalier Aurite, Ibushi is Chevalier Argent, and Akoya is Chevalier Perlite. Using a quill from Zundar, they can fill it with dark energy and shoot it at an ususpecting person, bringing out the darkness in their hearts and transforming them into a monster. Every episode, they manipulate a person, and get them to threaten the school and fight the Battle Lovers. Every episode, the Battle Lovers thwart them.

Now, there are two final things in this anime that need to be addressed. One of them is the identities of the Battle Lovers. In Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew and Magical DoReMi, no one seems to ever recognize them, despite the fact that they aren’t wearing masks. Cut High Earth Defense Club Love is clever with explaining why non of the boys’ classmates can recognize them. Wombat explains that he uses advanced technology to censor the Battle Lovers’ faces and voices from the general public. I found this funny just because of the way they explained this, and the fact that this is an extremely creative and smart approach as to why no one knows who they are. The Conquest Club have the same technology protecting their identities as well. The Conquest Club and the Battle Lovers cannot even identify one another because of this technology. Of course, later on they figure it out.

The final issue, is the one that took me up to at least episode four to realize: There are LITERALLY no females in this anime. Okay, the characters attend an all boy’s school. But, whenever the characters are outside pf the school, there are still no sign of any girls. Anywhere! Ryuu talks about being popular with girls, and at one point is seen talking to a possible girlfriend over the phone. However, he gets picked on a few times for lying about his status with girls. There is no yaoi in this anime, nor does it fall into the category. Personally, I thought it made the show unique about having it focus on guys. Plus, the anime is geared towards females (and maybe gay men who like anime), so it does make sense to not have females in the show.

All in all, this anime is…interesting. That’s all I can say about it. All of the characters, main and supporting characters, have individual personalities that allow viewers to pick favorites, and it just keeps you laughing to the point where you want to watch the next episode to see what happens.

Believe me when I say, this anime has tons of surprises that no one will see coming.

Owari no Seraph: From Manga to Anime

Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End), is a shonen manga series that takes place in the year 2012, when a human-made virus infects and kills humans over the age of 13. The human race is brought to the edge of extinction. At the same time, vampires rise and take control of what’s left of the surface. They lure in the surviving children below the Earth, seeing them as livestock, harvesting their blood.

The manga is written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto. The storyboard for the series was done by Daisuke Furuya. So far, there are 20 chapters posted on various online manga sites, which calculates to about 6 volumes that have been physically released. The manga got its debut in the 2012 Shonen Jump issue.

owari no seraphThe series has done well with anime/manga fans everywhere, that in August 2014, it was announced that there will be an anime adaptation coming soon. The directors of the anime are Daisuke Tokudo, also the director of anime series such as Attack on Titan and Guilty Crown, and his deputy Masashi Koizuka, who has also worked on Attack on Titan.

The series focuses on young Yuichiro Hyakuya, who lives underground with other kids that have become his only family. His closest friend/brother is Mikaela Hyakuya (nickname: Mika). Tired of being a tool for the vampires, Yuichiro gathers his family and attempts to escape to the surface. But they are caught by Felid Bathroy, a vampire elite. Felid attacks the children, including Mika, slaughtering every one of them. Yuichiro is the only one who manages to escape to the surface, swearing vengeance upon the vampires.

He is given his chance at revenge when he is recruited to the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. He goes through years of training until he is ready to wield a demon weapon and go out to fight the vampires with his team. He is assigned to the Moon Demon Squad, along with his superior, Shinoa Hiragi, and his teammates, Shihou Kimizuki, Yoichi Saotome, and Mitsuba Sanguu. Throughout the manga, his comrades and family refer to him as “Yuu”.

Yuichiro_as_a_childAs the protagonist, Yuu is a hard worker and very brave. As stated previously, his only goal is to destroy all of the vampires, as revenge for what they did to his family. Before he was taken by the vampires, Yuu’s parents claimed he was a Demon spawn and tried to kill him. When his mother went insane and killed herself, Yuu was sent off to the Hyakuya Orphanage. This is where he met Mika and the other orphans. He was distant from them at first, but Miak assured him that they were all the same because they both were born into abusive families.

While fighting for the Imperial Demon Army, Shinoa and Glen explain to Yuu that he has to unleash the full power of his demon weapon. Their weapons contain demons within them, and the soldiers must tame them in order to control them in battle. If they don’t, the demon will feast on their soul and possess them. Eventually, Yuu manages to tame his demon weapon and sees the power he can unleash with its help. Having this power, Yuu becomes more confident that he can reach his goal and kill the vampires, in order to reclaim Earth for the humans, as well as avenge his family.

Later in the manga, it is revealed that Mika wasn’t killed during the slaughter. Instead, he is taken to the Head Vampire, Kururu, and is turned into a vampire against his will.

Vampire Mika

As a vampire, Mika refuses to drink human blood. Instead, he requests the blood of Kururu whenever he feels his hunger rising. Because of this, his transformation is incomplete and still ages. He doesn’t smile like he used to as a child, and is set on protecting Yuichiro when the vampires declare war on the humans. Yuichiro is the only one he cares about. Besides Yuu, Mika has admitted to hating humans and vampires. He distances himself from the other vampires, ignoring whatever they say to him. But if any vampire mentions anything about hurting Yuu, Mika retaliates with threats to kill anyone who harms Yuu. Despite growing a hatred for humans, Mika doesn’t see them as livestock like other vampires do. When it comes to combat, Mika rushes in without thinking. He wears an expressionless face as he fights, showing no remorse for harming humans when he goes against them.

The manga creators have released a Japanese voice cast for some of the main characters:

Miyu Irino- Yuichiro Hyakuya500px-Yūichirō_Hyakuya

Kensho Ono- Mikaela Hyakuyamika

Yuchi Nakamura- Glen IchinoseGlen_Looking_at_a_piece_of_paper

The three voices listed have been in well-known anime shows, movies and video games. Miyu Irino has been the Japanese voices of Astral from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal, Haku from the famous movie Spirited Away, and is the Japanese voice of Sora from the Kingdom Hearts video games.

Kensho has done voices for Hakuryu Ren from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Brinda Jr. from Ghost in the Shell: Arise, and he was even the Japanese voice of Andy in Toy Story 3!

Finally, Yuchi Nakamura has been the voice of Gray Fullbuster from the Fairy Tail series, Greed in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and Rex Raptor from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters.

It has been announced that the anime is set to air in April 2015. It is also known that VIZ Media will be publishing the English translation of the anime, and that a trailer has been released recently on YouTube. To keep up with the news about Owari no Seraph, follow the Facebook page:

High Action Anime with Over-the-top Fanservice

kill la kill

From the creators of Gurren Lagann comes a new series with lots of eye-bulging action and intense action called Kill la Kill.

I’ve seen pictures and cosplays of this anime, but never really watched it until recently. When I did, there were no words to describe what I was watching because it was awesome, while at the same time a little too fanservice-y. For those who have already seen this anime, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it, but there are some things you should prepare for.

Ryuko Matoi (Ami Koshimizu; Japanese), travels to Honnoji Academy where she believes she will find the murderer of her father. On her person, she carries half of a giant scissor blade, knowing that if she finds the owner of the other half of the scissor blade, she will find her father’s killer. Her main suspect is the student-body president Satsuki Kiryuin (Ryoka Yuzuki; Japanese).

Honnoji Academy is not your average school. Every club has uniforms designed with intelligent Life Fibers, allowing the students to transform the uniforms into combat outfits for battle. The uniforms are developed by the president of the sewing club, Shiro Iori (Yuji Ueda; Japanese), who in my opinion is one of the coolest characters in the show. Plus I sort of have a little crush on him. Sadly he doesn’t get much screen time.


Besides Ryuko fighting against Satsuki and Honnoji Academy, there is a group known as Nudist Beach. Founded also by Ryuko’s father, the goal of the organization was to stop the Kiryuin conglomerate from subjugating the world to Life Fibers. The leader of Nudist Beach is Aikuro Mikisugi (Shinichiro Miki; Japanese). He infiltrated the academy, posing as a teacher during the day. Okay, this guy is a serious whack-job and personally, freaks me out. When he’s not posing as a teacher, he strips himself of


I’m not going to go into full detail of this anime because I’ll give away some of the show’s secrets. So instead, let’s go on to the fanservice. If you’ve seen Gurren Lagann, you know about Yoko’s revealing outfit. But Ryuko’s battle outfit is not only super revealing, it’s also  alive.


Meet Senketsu (Toshihiko Seki; Japanese). Created by Ryuko’s father, Senketsu was made for only Ryuko to use to fight and absorb Life Fibers. In order for Senketsu to turn into Ryuko’s battle outfit, he must absorb the blood of the wearer. Ryuko uses a special glove that sticks her with tiny needles that send the blood to Senketsu.

Getting into the fanservice thing, I believe that Kill la Kill sort of mocks the idea of heroes transforming into smaller/fewer clothing in order to save the world. I say this because of the way the show delivers the action, and the transformation sequence. It’s not just Ryuko and Senketsu. Satsuki’s outfit is actually worse.

kill142Satsuki’s outfit is worse because there is no back to it. Her butt is completely exposed. I know for most guys, that’s not a problem. I’m just saying that her outfit and Ryuko’s and other character’s outfits are all, to me, just a joke.

Despite the outfits, I’d say Kill la Kill is a really great anime with smooth lines, smooth movements, great development in the story and the characters, and amazing facial expressions and angles. In fact, there has already been a release of an English Dub cast. Here is the link to see who will be voicing who. Also search YouTube for the English trailer.

Look for the DVD release July 15, 2014.

Blood Lad recreates the Meaning of Vampires, Demons and Anime


What makes a vampire a vampire? They suck the blood of innocent and beautiful women, they are good-looking, immortal, hate sunlight and are noblemen who fit into high society. But…what if they were opposite of some of the vampire traits we created for them? Blood Lad takes us into another perspective of vampires and other mythical legends.

This series is still very new because it only has 10 episodes and the manga is incomplete. Yet, I’ve been reading the manga and watching the anime and I have to say this is a funny series with characters who entertain you in every scene, as well as keep you in suspense with what will happen. The manga was created by Yuuki Kodama and has been licensed for distribution in English by Yen Press. The anime aired in Japan between July 7 and Sept. 8, 2013. It was bought and licensed to North America by Viz Media in 2014.

Staz Charlie Blood (Osaka Ryota), is a young vampire who is a territory boss of the Eastern District in the Demon World. The series indicates that the Demon World is divided into territories and each territory has a boss that runs it. If two bosses fight over one another’s territory, the winning boss claims the territory. While Staz is a strong boss, he is an otaku; he has a massive collection of manga, anime and figures from the human world. If you look closely at Staz ‘s collection, you can see certain mainstream anime characters and manga series we know very well. There are even anime references in the dialogue.


His world becomes “complete” when one of his friends calls him and says a human girl has entered their territory. Excited about this development, Staz orders that the girl be brought to him. All he does is talk to her to learn more about Japan and any new anime/video game releases. He fights off the urge to drink her blood because all he wants is to keep her and talk with her. But when Staz goes to take care of another demon wanting control of his area, the girl, Yanagi Fuyumi (Iori Nomizu), is devoured by a monster and turns into a ghost. 

Because she is a ghost, Staz admits that the attraction he felt towards Fuyumi when she was alive had gone away when she turned into a ghost. Despite this, he keeps her remains in his room and vows that he will do whatever he had to do bring her back to life. The problem with her being a ghost, is every now and then Fuyumi will begin to disappear. 


To prevent her from vanishing completely, Staz feeds Fuyumi his vampire blood and swears to be her “Blood Bank” until he found a way to resurrect her. Even though he admitted that he was not attracted to her as a ghost, Staz feels that she is still special to him.

While this anime is funny, has tons of references and amazing characters, in my opinion, Yanagi Fuyumi is the weakest and blandest character in the entire series. To give an example, there are times when she gets kidnapped or taken away from Staz to use him or distract him, and she’s like, “Eh, okay.” Not being phased by anything that happens to her. She just accepts being kidnapped, instead of a typical female reaction of screaming and fighting back. She lets herself get kidnapped. There’s just hardly any emotion from her. I understand she is in an unfamiliar place and sort of scared and clueless about how things work in the Demon World, but with everything she’s gone through, I think Fuyumi would at least try to have a personality and act surprised with certain things.

Anyway, despite that issue, the series is great and I can’t wait for the creators to produce the rest of the series. The episodes only go up to 10 right now, and the manga stops at chapter 35. The next addition does not have set date (I can’t find one lol), but I wait with great anticipation. For now, check out the series for yourself. I recommend reading the manga first because it has more reference and more plot to the story as all books and comics do compared to movies and shows. But also see the anime. 

To read the manga online, check out or go to your local bookstore and buy a hard-copy! 


Why Does Amy Confuse Others for her Beloved Sonic? The Truth Behind Amy’s Mis-identification.


Amy has claimed to love Sonic and has given everything she has to him as proof. Yet she always mistakes others for him. She has done it twice as you can see from these photos.

Many Sonic fans say this is Amy’s worst trait; mistaking Shadow or Silver for Sonic, even though none of them look like each other. The only similarity is that they’re all hedgehogs.

ImageWell it turns out Amy has an alibi for mistaking others for Sonic. Doing further research on this, it turns out that hedgehogs are actually partially colorblind! Yep, you heard me right; hedgehogs in real life are colorblind! Experts say that because hedgehogs are nocturnal, there would be no benefit in them seeing colors. They can however see yellows and some shades of blue.

There are also reports saying that hedgehogs like bright colors. They are colorblind, at the same time they are not. It’s hard to say. But this explains why Amy confuses Shadow for Sonic and shows that the creators do their homework on hedgehogs. They added a touch of reality into fast-running hedgehogs.

Give Amy some credit for her mistakes. It is basic genetics of her race. The next time you watch or play Sonic, and you see Amy cling on to everyone but Sonic, it is not her fault. She can’t see a lot of colors. Give the girl some slack!

If you want to look more into this, there is a book called Hedgehogs, by Nigel Reeve.


This Girl Found a Strange Anime Special


I have watched many strange and bizarre animes in my time, but the anime This boy Caught a Merman has to be the strangest yaoi specials I’ve ever come across. I shall explain in a minute.

The main character Shima Kawauchi (Leraldo Anzuldua; English) (Yuki Kaji; Japanese), was the perfect student and son. His parents were getting divorced when he was a boy and the two both wanted to claim Shima because he was their ideal son. In the end, Shima’s grandfather said he would take Shima because he was disgusted with how his parents were treating him like a trophy.

Some time passes and Shima’s grandfather had dies, leaving Shima to live in his house alone. One night, Shima is standing on a dock by the ocean, holding a picture of his grandfather. He accidentally dropped the picture into the ocean and ran after it, forgetting the fact that he cannot swim. Miraculously, he is rescued by a merman. Despite being surprised at this wonder, Shima takes the merman home with him and names him Isaki (David Matranga; English) (Hikaru Midorikawa; Japanese). Isaki spends his time in a small swimming pool Shima’s father gave to him when he was a child.

The anime plays out the obvious yaoi story line: both guys bond with each other, they begin experiencing unusual feelings while around one another and at the end accept the feelings and let their emotions out.

What makes it strange is the animation. To start, it uses texture in the character’s hair, clothes and eyes. The bright colors make you not want to look away from it, at the same time it is slapping you in the face, to where you can’t keep your eye on one thing. You’re drawn to everything around the main characters. Another thing about this anime is it plays out like an anime, while at the same times, uses small boxes and quotation bubbles like in a manga/comic. The movement of the characters is more stop motion. Think South Park, but with more flow despite it looking like small cutouts. You can tell it is drawn, but the whole thing looks like stop motion.

Voice actor Greg Ayers also pays a part in the English version. Not a big one. He plays Shima’s best friend Kusatsu, voiced in Japan by Junta Terashima.

Weird way of how I found this anime. I was surfing Amazon for anime box sets, and I found This Boy Caught a Merman as one of the choices. Thinking it was a full series, I searched it on Google and found the English version and watched it. Truthfully it was the art and color that drew me to it. When I watched it, I kept thinking it was very cliched, but still enjoyable. At the end of it, I found it rather cute.

I would say just check it out and decide for yourself whether it is good, bad or in between. Like I said, to me it is a bit strange, and I don’t think I’ll be buying the DVD for it. But I do enjoy it as something to watch when I can’t think of anything else to watch.