Pixels Show the Glory of Nerds (may contain mild spoilers)

PIxels Cover Photo

Whoever said video games were a waste of time, have officially been proven wrong. They are the key to saving the planet!!

Pixels is a fun, nostalgic film for just about anyone. People who played games like Donkey Kong, Galaga, Pac-Man, and other arcade games back in the 1980’s, will get to take a trip back to the past.

Pixels CastThe movie star Adam Sandler as one  of the main characters, Brenner, who is a tech installation guy. He is talking with his childhood friend Cooper, played by Kevin James, about his life choices. Brenner got a degree at MIT, hoping to create games of his own. But because of his loss in a video game competition against Eddie, played by Peter Dinkler, Cooper gave up on his dream and settled with installing flat screens and game stations for families.

Cooper, on the other hand, is president of the USA. However, the public is not happy with some of the decisions he has made while running the country. The news ridicules him when a story goes up of him reading to a girl’s scout and mispronouncing a word. A girl corrects him and he raises his voice at her, causing the little girls to call him mean.

Meanwhile, Brenner is at a home, installing a flat-screen and a other high-tech systems, when he gets a call from President Cooper, telling him to rush to the White House. When Brenner gets there, Cooper shows him a video feed of an Air Force base being attached by what looked like ships and missiles from Galaga.

They are informed by their friend Ludlow, played by Josh Gad, that an alien race had found a pod Earth sent to space, featuring old arcade games, and received it as a sign of war between the two races. The aliens send messages to the government, explaining that each challenge decides the fate of mankind. If Earth lost a challenge, they would lose a life, meaning the aliens would abduct a random human as a trophy. If the aliens lost a challenge, they would give Earth one of their warriors; playing on the concept of arcade games giving each player three lives per game. Three losses for Earth, meant the destruction of the planet.

Of course some of the best parts of the movie are the battles Sandler and the others have to go through. President Cooper commands that the military let the nerds train them in dealing with the aliens, because of their skills in classic video games.

Sandler’s performance in the movie wasn’t bad. He helped produce the movie, according to the opening credits, and while there were some scenes where his lines were cheesy and his humor was dry, it didn’t kill the movie. There were times when he was funny and entertaining. Sandler’s action scenes were amazing, as well as times in the movie that were serious.

CentipedeIn the trailers, it shows Sandler and Gad trying to get the military to follow the pattern of Centipede as it attacks. They don’t know the pattern of the game, so Sandler grabs a blaster from a soldier, and uses it to shoot the Centipede in the head, killing it. Seeing that scene in full is just as epic as the trailer depicts it. The same can be said for their battle with Pac-Man. All of the effects of the video game characters interacting with the actors, and the video games breaking down objects and pixelating them were phenomenal. Pac-Man

Nerds kicking ass and aliens using video games to go to war with the planet Earth, Pixels is a fun movie for parents and kids to go see. For people who played these classic games as kids and teens of the 80’s and 90’s, they’ll get a sense of nostalgia. It is definitely a movie to go see this summer!


Is The Live Action Tekken Movie Really as Bad as People say it is?


I’m a huge Tekken fan! Tekken is one of my favorite fighting games ever. I watched the Live Action movie and Tekken: Blood Vengeance. Now, I’m here to review the Live Action movie. A lot of people didn’t like it because of the story or the characters themselves, setting, whatever.

For those not familiar with the Live Action Tekken movie, let me give you the summary: Jin Kazama is a teenager who lives with his mother, Jun Kazama, in a post-apocalyptic scenario. Tekken soldiers shoot Jun, devastating Jin. He enters the Tekken Tournament as “The People’s Choice,” in order to find Heihachi Mishima (Jin’s grandfather) and kill him for the death of his mother.

Heihachi (Jin’s grandfather) and Kazuya (Jin’s father), run the tournament together.

ravenbryan Now here’s where my review begins. The movie has good qualities that sort of get me to overlook the bad things about it. My favorite part that I think are amazing is the costuming. Some of the characters they used from the games are freaking accurate. I mean, look at Raven! Holy crap it’s like they reached into the game and pulled him out! I have to count this eddy gordoas one of the best cosplays ever. It would be awesome if that guy got to keep the costume. He’s not the only one. Look at all of these and tell me they are not accurate to the game.

Another good review is the fighting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ei5E3YlMxb0 Here is a link to a fight between Eddy Gordo and Raven. Tell me that’s not an epic battle. It was my favorite fight in the whole movie.

 Many fans were satisfied with the fact that the movie actually kept focus on the Tekken Tournament like the game. That is why a many fans had problems with the CGI Tekken: Blood Vengeance movie. The Tekken Tournament was only mentioned twice in the movie. It wasn’t the main focus of it. But even still, the creators worked hard to incorporate the character’s moves from the game into that movie. Watch before you judge.

Anyway, back to business.

I’m going to move on to the things the Live Action movie didn’t do so well in my opinion.

Jin’s personality and background. If you have ever tried to read Jin’s profile on Tekken Wiki, it is very long and complicated. I understand the producers of the movie would have had a hard time trying to fit every detail of Jin’s personality in the movie, but if you get into Tekken and watch the movie before playing the games, I’d like to make a few points about Jin. In the movie, Jin is involved with the underground world, doing jobs that could possibly kill him or get him into trouble. The economy collapsed and items like oranges, chocolate and even coffee are rare to come by. Jin does jobs to get the money to buy those things for him and his mom.

Now, after reading and examining Jin’s personality, even when his mother was still alive, I believe that Jin would have had enough discipline to know that getting involved with the wrong crowd would be a bad idea. He would have stopped and thought about his actions before doing something.

Also, in the movie, he has a romantic relationship with a girl from jin and xiaoyuhis district, and then in the tournament, begins to fall for Christie Montero. Now I’m going to be a nitpicker and say that the only person for Jin is Ling Xiaoyu…(and my OC)…I mean, yeah. Jin and Christie…not a good pair.

Which leads me to my next issue. Jin gets involved with two relationships in the movie, as I stated before. Now, the real Jin would not jump into a relationship so easily because of his family background. In the movie, Jin has no idea that Heihatchi is his grandfather and Kazuya is his father. The Devil Gene he possess is not mentioned once in the movie, which I think was a mistake because it was the thing that defined the Mishima bloodline. It would have been awesome if Jin awakened the Devil inside of him in the final battle.

Sorry, getting off track. But yeah, Jin was more focused on training in order to get back at his father and grandfather. The movie didn’t fully get into the issues between Jin and his family. I know they wanted to make Kazuya an a-hole because in the game that’s what he is. But he wouldn’t have talked about his late wife the way he did. He basically called Jun a whore and she was just a one-night stand. All of the Mishima men have one thing in common: they loved their wives. But the wives got mixed into the battle and then got themselves killed. At least that’s what I get from the profiles I’ve read.

To summarize, the Tekken Live Action movie isn’t that bad for what it is. It sticks to the main purpose of the game and has amazing fighting scenes and a bit of drama that makes you root for Jin all the way through. Give it at least one look at and then check out the game if you haven’t yet. You’ll never want to put your controller down; not even for a second. Trust me on that; I spent my middle school and high school years playing Tekken every time I got a break from homework. In fact I’m going to go play now.