FNAF: The Silver Eyes- A Light Read filled with Mystery

Silver Eyes

If you haven’t heard of Five Nights at Freddy’s…what is wrong with you!? It is only one of the most entertaining and scary game anyone can play.

Created by Scott Cawthon, Five Nights at Freddy’s takes place in a pizzaria called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzaria. You play a night security guard, who watches over the facility from midnight to 6 a.m. Your goal is to keep an eye on the animatronics, which are possessed by the spirits of children who were murdered. There are five games in total, and have gotten world-wide recognition, including from YouTubers like Markiplier.

The game also inspired a book written by Kira Breed-Wrisley called Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Silver Eyes. The book plot and story line is very different from the game’s story line and is not related to it at all.

In the book, a group of friends reunite with one another in their hometown of Hurricane. All of them remember Freddy Fazbear’s; more specifically, they remember the day when their friend Michael was abducted and murdered at the pizzaria.

The main character, Charlie, is the daughter of the founder of the pizzaria and remember when her father would work on his animatronics.

The story starts slow, but that’s because it builds up everything that happens throughout the character’s time in Huricane, and within the abandoned pizzaria. When Charlie and her friends all decide to go investigate Freddy Fazbear’s and get trapped in there, that’s when everything begins to pick up and put the reader within this creepy location filled with mystery and murder.

Probably my favorite part is when Charlie and the group go to Freddy’s after finding out that one of their friends, Carlton never made it out. When Charlie found him, he was inside a yellow suit, filled with spring traps that would pierce his flesh and organs if he moved even the slightest. Because Charlie watched her father create spring traps and the mascots, she steadily locates the spring traps within the suit and stopped them from going off, so Carlton could escape the suit.

I love that part because the spring traps come back into play that allows everyone to escape the wrath of Freddy Fazbear’s. I’ll leave that as a suspense builder to get people to read the book.

Throughout the rest of the book, Charlie and her friends discover who it was that killed all of those children, including their friend Michael. For people who played the games and understand the story, the culprit is someone simply known as Purple Guy. He would lure children to the back of the pizzaria, murder them, and them hid their bodies within the mascots. The spirits of the children are now part of the costumes, taking them over and walking around the pizzaria, not remembering who killed them.

The Silver Eyes is just enjoyable for light reading. When everything picks up, this twisted onesbook becomes near impossible to put down. I believe there is a sequel book that follow, and I plan to read that once I find a copy (and go through my reading list).


My Hero Academia: Tomorrow’s Heroes Today!!

my hero academia cover.png


Everyone loves super heroes. They fight crime, protect us and ask for nothing in return. But, what if everyone had the potential to become a hero based on an ability they developed in childhood? 

That’s what My Hero Academia is all about!

In this anime, people can develop powers, or “quirks”, if they are born with only All Mightone joint in their pinkie toe. Most people with quirks go to school called U.A. High, to become professional heroes. The most famous hero in the series is known as All Might (Christopher Sabat). His quirk is called “One for All”, which gives himAll Might True Form.jpg super human strength and agility, and also makes him bulk up with enormous muscles. However, All Might’s power has a time limit to how long he can use it per day. When not doing super hero work, All might reverts to a scrawny man with sunken eyes.

MidoriyaIzuku Midoriya (Justin Briner), has a big dream to become a great hero like All Might, who is his idol and role model. As a child, Midoriya waits to see what kind of quirk he’ll develop. Sadly, he is told that because he has two joints in his pinkie toe, it’s concluded that he would never develop a quirk of his own. Despite this blow to his dream, Midoriya’s passion to attend U.A. doesn’t falter. 

Everything changes for Midoriya when he meets All Might, and learns the secret of his quirk. All Might even tells Midoriya that a quirkless human can’t make it into U.A., and that he should accept they way things are. Hearing this from his idol, Midoriya is lost. That is…until he sees his childhood friend Katsuki Bakugo (Clifford Chapin) being attacked by a sludge monster. Even though he has the power to explode anything he touches, Katsuki is engulfed by the monster, and even the professional heroes are having trouble stopping him from killing the boy. Seeing this scene, without thinking, Midoriya rushes through the crowd and tries desperately to save his friend.

All Might, watching this ordinary boy rush into danger with no hesitation, realizes Apprentice.pngthat Midoriya could be the one to possibly take his place as the next greatest hero the world has ever known. He confronts Midoriya, saying that he does have the potential to become a hero based on his actions.

This series has grown so much in popularity, that the second season, which was released April 1, is being dubbed the same time the subbed version is uploaded. It shows how much of a following the anime has. Not a lot of anime series gets this kind of attention.

The reason I will not go into more details about this anime, is because the comedy and twist within the series are just too good to spoil and just need to be witnessed.

As a bit of a bonus, the studio who helped develop My Hero Academia, Studio Bones, is famous for releasing other anime series such as Full Metal Alchemist (original and Brotherhood), Ouran High School Host Club, Soul Eater, Space Dandy, and so much more!

Check out My Hero Academia for yourself, and watch future heroes prove themselves. New episodes of Season 2 is uploaded every Saturday night.

If you were born with a quirk, what would it be?

Power Rangers Producer is Trying to Milk a Dry Cow to Keep the Show Going Beyond Its Limits

Power Rangers

I love the Power Rangers! As a a kid, I would sit around the TV with my cousins, and we would watch new episodes and reruns of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I’ve recently started watching the classic episodes on Netflix.
Power Rangers, was created by Haim Sagan and Shuki Levy, sponsored by Toei Company. toeiThe American release premiered in 1993, and was based on the Japanese show Super Sentai. In fact, fun trivia, most of the fighting shots are taken from the original show and put in the American version with English voiceovers. The show has a formula it has used over the years: five teens are chosen by an ancient being to become the protectors of Earth. They fight a plethora of evil minions. The minions turn into giants, forcing the rangers to form a giant robot and defeat the enemy with some of the best TV special effects of the 90s!
Kids of the 90s loved watching the original series, and some still do as adults and introduce it to their kids. However, the newest Power Rangers shows may be falling a bit short from their predecessors.
Power Rangers SamuraiIn 2011, Nickelodeon premiered Power Rangers Samurai, which in my opinion was pretty good. The actors were somewhat credible, the villains were pretty cool and the fact that the rangers and the villains had a focus on Japanese samurai fighting was very interesting. What I loved about this series was that the red ranger struggled with being a good leader and getting stronger for the sake of the world and his team. I sat there, interested in him finding himself and when he did, he went out and fought with everything he had! The other rangers, like I said were good, but sometimes their performance seemed static and unconvincing of their role. Their acting was fine when they were in their ranger forms, but when playing normal teenagers, the acting was bland. Honestly, it felt like they were trying to act like anime characters, but any anime character could give a better performance.
Two of the villains went through the same things. Dayu, a female yokai who worked for the evil Master Xandred, was once human who was in love with a man named Deker during the fuedal Japan era. When he was on the brink of death, Dayu made a deal with a yokai named Serrator, in order to save him. Deker was then turned into a yokai, but was able to keep part of his humanity. Dayu, even in her new form, still had feelings for Deker, causing her to slowly regain her humanity.
Super Samurai was a good series and stuck to the Power Rangers genre. Then…Power MegaforceRangers Megaforce aired in 2013. This series fell very short compared to the previous series before it; including Samurai Rangers. Of course it kept the original formula, but the performance of the rangers themselves was underwhelming. It honestly felt like the actors were trying to perform the same way as the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cast in ’93. But it resulted in them sounding like carbon-copied clones.
The plot of the series is an alien force tries to take over the Earth, but Gosei, Zordon’s protege, chooses five teens worthy of becoming the next generation of rangers. Because their enemies are extremely powerful, the rangers are given special keys that allow them to transform into the past rangers from Zeo Rangers, to Turbo Rangers, SPD Emergency and the rest of the rangers from previous shows. I will admit that this element is cool.
The villains in Megaforce, to me, are one of the only enjoyable aspect of the show. They are just as over top as other Power Rangers villains and funny to watch fight and plot against the rangers. The other enjoyable aspect is in the final episode of the series. During the final fight, all of the previous Rangers, make an appearance to fight alongside the Megaforce Rangers. Jason FrankAmong the original rangers, they have the one and only Jason David Frank make a cameo, wearing his old Green Ranger suit. Seriously, it was one of the greatest moments of TV history. Seeing him fight again brought so many memories back.
It is fair to say that Megaforce ended the Power Rangers series with such an amazing high. Just when people believe the Power Rangers series ended with such an phenomenal performance, the creators introduce a new series coming in 2015: Power Rangers Dino Charge.
DinochargeAs a longtime fan of Power Rangers, I feel that Sagan and Levy are running out of ideas for the rangers, yet they keep producing series just so they can keep it going. The series is great, but I think it’s time to put the Power Rangers to rest. They’ve done pretty much all they can with it, and it just needs to end. Some people I talked to about it, believe they are just making more of the series just for the money. I don’t personally believe this. However, if Sagan and Levy continue to milk Power Rangers, I feel it will just turn into one of those shows that are only on the air to sell toys and merchandize.
Power Rangers is one of the greatest live-action kids shows that ever premiered on television. Kids were drawn to the plot, the rangers, the fighting scenes and the awesome graphics. It is something that needs to be cherished overtime and handled with care. If there are no more ideas for it, and you end a series in a mind blowing way like Megaforce did, as sad as it is, it is time to say goodbye to an awesome series and let it be a great memory to look back on and continue to enjoy thanks to Netflix and Hulu.

Novel Puts New Spin on Wonderland


The story of Alice in Wonderland is a classic tale from Lewis Carroll and made famous from remakes by Disney and Tim Burton. Putting a new spin on an old tale, Splintered, written by A.G Howard, involves one of Alice’s descendants.

Splintered is told in the perspective of Alice Liddell’s great-great-granddaughter, Alyssa Gardner, who tries to live an ordinary life. At first, she worries about typical girl problems, such as concerns about her crush, going to London with another girl and getting ready for her high school prom. Alyssa has a father who has to play the role of father and mother because her mom is in an insane asylum after having dreams about a dark place called Underland.

Alyssa learns from her mother that her dreams and unusual behavior are a curse brought on by Alice Liddell. Alice had gone to Wonderland, which is now the dark and creepy Underland.

In order to lift the curse and keep her from being classified as insane, Alyssa has no choice but to go to Underland and fix all of the things Alice messed up during her visit. To guide her, she uses Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland story to find out what Alice did and figure out how she can fix it.

The book is just an amazing read. The pacing of every scene keeps the reader on edge, making the book hard to put down. The fact that A. G. Howard uses the Lewis Carroll book as a guide for the protagonist to get through Underland makes Splintered stand out above other remakes.

The world of Underland is reverted back to its original dark twisted fantasy world, with its creatures described as creepy and visually unpleasant to imagine. Amidst the characters creepy descriptions, readers will be able to figure out each character before Alyssa even has to explain who they are. Readers will automatically identify the Cheshire Cat, March Hare, and the Mad Hatter from older Alice In Wonderland stories.

The only character who isn’t described as creepy is a man named Morpheus. Alyssa describes him as quite attractive. It takes a while for the book to reveal who he really is, but when the reader finally discovers his identity, everything they learn about him based on his personality immediately clicks together.

At the enunhingedd of the book, A. G. Howard puts in the first ensnaredchapter of the sequel Unhinged, so readers can jump into the next book and sort of guess where the story will go before they actually read it.

The series will definitely change the way the reader thinks about Alice in Wonderland and all of its remakes. A. G. Howard has a third book coming out called Ensnared, which will be the final book in the trilogy. The book will be out January 2015.

To see more of A. G. Howard’s books, visit her website, http://www.aghoward.com.