FNAF: The Silver Eyes- A Light Read filled with Mystery

Silver Eyes

If you haven’t heard of Five Nights at Freddy’s…what is wrong with you!? It is only one of the most entertaining and scary game anyone can play.

Created by Scott Cawthon, Five Nights at Freddy’s takes place in a pizzaria called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzaria. You play a night security guard, who watches over the facility from midnight to 6 a.m. Your goal is to keep an eye on the animatronics, which are possessed by the spirits of children who were murdered. There are five games in total, and have gotten world-wide recognition, including from YouTubers like Markiplier.

The game also inspired a book written by Kira Breed-Wrisley called Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Silver Eyes. The book plot and story line is very different from the game’s story line and is not related to it at all.

In the book, a group of friends reunite with one another in their hometown of Hurricane. All of them remember Freddy Fazbear’s; more specifically, they remember the day when their friend Michael was abducted and murdered at the pizzaria.

The main character, Charlie, is the daughter of the founder of the pizzaria and remember when her father would work on his animatronics.

The story starts slow, but that’s because it builds up everything that happens throughout the character’s time in Huricane, and within the abandoned pizzaria. When Charlie and her friends all decide to go investigate Freddy Fazbear’s and get trapped in there, that’s when everything begins to pick up and put the reader within this creepy location filled with mystery and murder.

Probably my favorite part is when Charlie and the group go to Freddy’s after finding out that one of their friends, Carlton never made it out. When Charlie found him, he was inside a yellow suit, filled with spring traps that would pierce his flesh and organs if he moved even the slightest. Because Charlie watched her father create spring traps and the mascots, she steadily locates the spring traps within the suit and stopped them from going off, so Carlton could escape the suit.

I love that part because the spring traps come back into play that allows everyone to escape the wrath of Freddy Fazbear’s. I’ll leave that as a suspense builder to get people to read the book.

Throughout the rest of the book, Charlie and her friends discover who it was that killed all of those children, including their friend Michael. For people who played the games and understand the story, the culprit is someone simply known as Purple Guy. He would lure children to the back of the pizzaria, murder them, and them hid their bodies within the mascots. The spirits of the children are now part of the costumes, taking them over and walking around the pizzaria, not remembering who killed them.

The Silver Eyes is just enjoyable for light reading. When everything picks up, this twisted onesbook becomes near impossible to put down. I believe there is a sequel book that follow, and I plan to read that once I find a copy (and go through my reading list).


Novel Puts New Spin on Wonderland


The story of Alice in Wonderland is a classic tale from Lewis Carroll and made famous from remakes by Disney and Tim Burton. Putting a new spin on an old tale, Splintered, written by A.G Howard, involves one of Alice’s descendants.

Splintered is told in the perspective of Alice Liddell’s great-great-granddaughter, Alyssa Gardner, who tries to live an ordinary life. At first, she worries about typical girl problems, such as concerns about her crush, going to London with another girl and getting ready for her high school prom. Alyssa has a father who has to play the role of father and mother because her mom is in an insane asylum after having dreams about a dark place called Underland.

Alyssa learns from her mother that her dreams and unusual behavior are a curse brought on by Alice Liddell. Alice had gone to Wonderland, which is now the dark and creepy Underland.

In order to lift the curse and keep her from being classified as insane, Alyssa has no choice but to go to Underland and fix all of the things Alice messed up during her visit. To guide her, she uses Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland story to find out what Alice did and figure out how she can fix it.

The book is just an amazing read. The pacing of every scene keeps the reader on edge, making the book hard to put down. The fact that A. G. Howard uses the Lewis Carroll book as a guide for the protagonist to get through Underland makes Splintered stand out above other remakes.

The world of Underland is reverted back to its original dark twisted fantasy world, with its creatures described as creepy and visually unpleasant to imagine. Amidst the characters creepy descriptions, readers will be able to figure out each character before Alyssa even has to explain who they are. Readers will automatically identify the Cheshire Cat, March Hare, and the Mad Hatter from older Alice In Wonderland stories.

The only character who isn’t described as creepy is a man named Morpheus. Alyssa describes him as quite attractive. It takes a while for the book to reveal who he really is, but when the reader finally discovers his identity, everything they learn about him based on his personality immediately clicks together.

At the enunhingedd of the book, A. G. Howard puts in the first ensnaredchapter of the sequel Unhinged, so readers can jump into the next book and sort of guess where the story will go before they actually read it.

The series will definitely change the way the reader thinks about Alice in Wonderland and all of its remakes. A. G. Howard has a third book coming out called Ensnared, which will be the final book in the trilogy. The book will be out January 2015.

To see more of A. G. Howard’s books, visit her website, http://www.aghoward.com.