Servant + Vampire = Hilarious and Dramatic


Short but sweet, Servamp is an anime that will catch the attention of all vampire fanatics! I have heard about this series from friends but never got a chance to watch it until recently. I first read the first two volumes of the manga, then started watching the anime. I was hooked after two minutes!!

Servamp starts off with 15-year old Mahiru Shirota (Japanese Voice: Takuma Terashima; English Voice: Clifford Chappin), who is an independent high school Freshman. When he was younger, his mother had passed away. His family were pondering what to do with him, because no one wanted to take him in. But his uncle stepped up and said that he would raise Mahiru on his own. Because of his uncle, Mahiru has a mindset of “If you want something done, you have to do it yourself.” Because of this, he’s always the one in his class to step up and takes on any task no one else wants to do. His friends and classmates are amazed by his motivation.

Mahiru_and_Kuro.pngOne day, as Mahiru is on his way home, he comes across a small black cat huddled in an alleyway. Feeling sorry for it, Mahiru takes it in and opens the plot. This simple black cat that Mahiru named Kuro (Japanese Voice: Yuki Kaji; English Voice: Chuck Huber), is actually a vampire who is referred to as Sleepy Ash of Sloth. As his name suggests, Kuro is often lazy and spends most of his time sleeping, eating, watching TV or playing video games. While he can change his shape from cat to human and visa versa, he immediately transforms back into a cat when in direct sunlight.

The two end up accidentally forming a contract together, binding them as master and servamp (Servant + Vampire). Because of this contract, Kuro must obey his new eve (that is what a servamp’s master is called), and stay close to him. Once the contract is formed, if a servamp and eve are separated for too long, the eve will become weak and eventually die.

Everything begins to change around Mahiru as he discovers another vampire is after tsubakiKuro. The culprit is Kuro’s youngest brother, Tsubaki (Japanese Voice: Tatsuhisa Suzuki; English Voice: Micha Solusod), also known as the servamp of Melancholy. He is actually the 8th brother of the servamps. However, because no one in his family knows him and don’t acknowledge him, he hates all of them and wants to make everyone know him by slaughtering as many people as he desires. In order to stop him, Mahiru and Kuro team up with the rest of Kuro’s brothers and try to stop Tsubaki from killing innocent humans.

As you watch Servamp, viewers will see that all of the servamps are named after the Seven Deadly Sins. Kuro is Sloth, there is a servamp of Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Envy, Lust, and Pride. Out of all these siblings, Kuro is the eldest brother.

Mahiru and Kuro are total opposites in personality and motivation. However, of course servamp-battleopposites tend to attract and work together in balancing each other’s flaws. Mahiru is determined and is always willing to help with anything. Being thrown into this new reality and given power, Mahiru feels like he has to stand up and take action against Tsubaki in any way he can. Kuro on the other hand, is reluctant to jump into battle. Most of the time, it’s because he’s lazy and thinks it’s a pain to fight. The other times he doesn’t want to fight, it’s because he feels like Mahiru rushes into battle too quickly, often without telling anyone and having extra back-up. This is, again, because he believes he has to do everything himself if no one else is around to do it. His impulsiveness leads to many failures in battle and complications with his bond with Kuro, making them useless in battle. Through his faults and emotions, Mahiru realizes why everything has happened and eventually pulls it together for the final battle against Tsubaki.

So much drama and confrontation goes on in this anime, which keeps me invested in the plot. Despite this show only having 12 episodes, every episode is satisfying. I do hope it gets a second season, but until then, I’ll keep reading the manga and re-watching the anime over and over.

manga-coversSpeaking of the manga, it’s also important to note that there are significant differences between the manga and the anime. The main one is, there are more characters that show up in the manga. For example, in the anime, Mahiru’s uncle is shown only in flashbacks. He is still alive in the series, but the anime suggests he may be away on a business trip because he never shows up as the anime goes on. But in the manga, it shows a scene where Mahiru runs into Tsubaki in a sushi bar and they talk for a bit. In the manga, Mahiru’s uncle shows up and is introduced to Tsubaki, thinking he and Mahiru are friends. Mahiru even tells his uncle about how he found Kuro and if they could keep him Of course he’s okay with letting Kuro live with them. His uncle doesn’t know Kuro is a vampire and Mahiru tries to keep it that way.

Bottom line, Servamp keeps viewers entertained with just enough information and plot development with each episode to make us want more, and gives us just enough conflict and action to keep our attention. It puts a different spin on vampires and turns viewers on their heads with surprises and character development.



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