Why Does Amy Confuse Others for her Beloved Sonic? The Truth Behind Amy’s Mis-identification.


Amy has claimed to love Sonic and has given everything she has to him as proof. Yet she always mistakes others for him. She has done it twice as you can see from these photos.

Many Sonic fans say this is Amy’s worst trait; mistaking Shadow or Silver for Sonic, even though none of them look like each other. The only similarity is that they’re all hedgehogs.

ImageWell it turns out Amy has an alibi for mistaking others for Sonic. Doing further research on this, it turns out that hedgehogs are actually partially colorblind! Yep, you heard me right; hedgehogs in real life are colorblind! Experts say that because hedgehogs are nocturnal, there would be no benefit in them seeing colors. They can however see yellows and some shades of blue.

There are also reports saying that hedgehogs like bright colors. They are colorblind, at the same time they are not. It’s hard to say. But this explains why Amy confuses Shadow for Sonic and shows that the creators do their homework on hedgehogs. They added a touch of reality into fast-running hedgehogs.

Give Amy some credit for her mistakes. It is basic genetics of her race. The next time you watch or play Sonic, and you see Amy cling on to everyone but Sonic, it is not her fault. She can’t see a lot of colors. Give the girl some slack!

If you want to look more into this, there is a book called Hedgehogs, by Nigel Reeve.



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